• How important is open-mindedness to what is new?
  • What triggers change?
  • Which are the most commonly used tools?
  • Do leadership and communication need to be improved in your company?

Human resources are the heart of an enterprise. As such, they must be enhanced and guided if they are to express their full potential and contribute actively towards change and business development.

This can only be done with tools capable of influencing the very essence and motivation of the individual.

Coaching is the answer. It is the catalyst for change that encourages growth and empowerment processes.

K&P Academy guides your resources through dedicated programmes aimed at achieving strategic goals such as enhanced performance, leadership, learning how to delegate, improved interaction and communication, all to the benefit of a good working atmosphere.

K&P Coaching pathways for businesses:

    • Individual and Executive Coaching: one-to-one sessions tailored to the management and key figures in the company. Supports the manager along his path to personal growth and during strategic stages of change by identifying new areas for improvement and means for achieving the intended goals.
    • Team Coaching & Team Building: programmes that stimulate a global outlook, intra- and interfunctional synergy among team members, that direct the organizational culture towards continuous learning, exchange and teamwork while improving the way internal relations are managed for the purpose of achieving the best performance.
    • Coaching tools: il percorso offre un’occasione per sperimentare il Coaching come sistema utile al miglioramento delle relazioni, alla gestione organizzativa e del cambiamento, per raggiungere il massimo livello di performance.